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Whether you’re a creator, manager, label, or publisher, our App gives you total transparency, control over your career, and collects more money, faster.

Real Time


In 2019, Sony Music revolutionized our Artist Portal app with Real-Time Earnings and Cash Out.

Real Time Earnings & Cash Out is the industry-leading artist payment experience that shows your global earnings, updated in real time and gives you the ability to cash out – anytime, anywhere.

Analyze your Earnings by Country, Partner and Products/Tracks and view your account summary by period and channels. All data is made available in Real Time.

Real Time

& Advances

Real Time Advances is another industry first, that makes getting an Advance as easy as cashing out your Earnings.

If you’ve cashed out your Real Time Earnings and still need extra funds, Real Time Advances lets you tap into your future predictive earnings.

To get started with your Real Time Advances feature, simply contact your label partner.

Real Time


Real Time Trends gives you a total picture of your music from more than 20 top global partners and more been added. It combines data to show your daily, weekly and all-time numbers on an artist, album and track level and track version level.

Plus you can see your playlist trends, social stats, chart position and where your streams are coming from.

With Real Time Trends, your music’s global performance is clearer than ever.

All in your Artist Portal App, giving you total visibility – from consumption to Cash Out.

Real-Time Statistics



Your Earnings segmented by digital partner, split into sub categories (Ad Supported, Subscription, Breakage, etc.)



All your Earnings across all countries segmented across all channels



See where your fan base is located across the world and drill into consumption details

Real Time Insights

Der 360°-Blick auf deine Daten

Deine Kreativität, deine Karriere. Real Time Insights ist eine innovative App, die gemeinsam von Sony Music Artists und Experten entwickelt wurde. Für dich. Damit du besser informierte Entscheidungen treffen kannst.

Real Time Insights hilft dir dabei zu verstehen welche Plattformen, Personen oder Playlists deine Tracks zum Durchbruch verhelfen können. Alle Kennzahlen, alle großen Plattformen. Und 24/7 alles auf einen Blick. So bleibst du immer auf dem neuesten Stand.