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Conditions of participation for the Golden CD campaign for the new album “Throwback” by Michael Patrick Kelly

1. Participation in the competition is only possible after the participant accepts these conditions of participation. By participating in the competition, the participant accepts these conditions of participation as well as the general conditions of participation, which also apply and the data protection guideline.

2. Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH, Bülowstraße 80, 10783 Berlin (hereinafter referred to as Sony Music) is holding a competition with a raffle of ten places for a Meet & Greet by Michael Patrick Kelly.

3. Only natural persons who are at least 18 years old at the time of participation or who have obtained the consent of their parents are allowed to participate. Each participant may only take part in their name and with complete and truthful information about the information requested.

4. With the legal, physical purchase of the album “Throwback” by Michael Patrick Kelly, the participant automatically takes part in the competition and, through the random purchase of a gold CD, has the chance to win one of ten places for a Meet & Greet with Michael Patrick Kelly . If the buyer has purchased a gold CD, an email must be sent to the Sony Music email address that is displayed on the label of the golden CD by June 30th, 2022, 11:59 P.M. CET.

The buyer must then upload a video with the gold CD to confirm possession of the gold CD. This is followed by a personal video call in which the prize and personalized 5-digit code will be verified again.

5. The prize will then be assigned to all rightful owners of the golden CD who meet these requirements as part of a random purchase and have verified the purchase. The winners will be contacted by Sony Music Germany via email to the email address given.

6. Prize: The respective prizes will only be raffled among those participants who meet these conditions of participation. Sony Music expressly reserves the right to exclude participants who violate these terms and conditions. The Meet & Greet will take place between January 1st, 2022 – December 31st, 2022. The exact date and possible locations and times will be personally agreed upon with the winners. Any travel costs, accommodation, and meals incurred will not be reimbursed.

7. The winner will be contacted by email from Sony Music within one day of the end of the competition. The content of this message is all the information required to process the prize. Sony Music assumes no liability if, for reasons for which it is not responsible, the notification of the prize is lost during electronic transmission and/or does not reach the winner. If the winner does not respond within two business days and accepts the prize in writing, the winner loses all rights to the prize. A win that is not confirmed will not be awarded.

8. Sony Music reserves the right to end the competition at any time. This applies in particular if, due to technical reasons (e.g. due to manipulation of the competition), proper implementation cannot be guaranteed.

9. Sony Music does not warrant and/or accept any liability for prizes awarded in the competition.

10. The prize is not transferable. The judges’ decision is final. It is not possible to pay out the prize in cash.

11. Employees of Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH and their relatives are excluded from participation. Participation must be carried out in person. Employees of the agencies commissioned for this competition, as well as employees of the companies involved, are also excluded from participation. Participation in the competition by third parties, in particular third parties who register individual persons commercially with various teleservice providers (registration services or entry services), is not permitted.

12. Participation in the competition is free of charge and requires the purchase of a Throwback CD by Michael Patrick Kelly from Sony Music.

* The CD is not made of gold – the gold look is created by spraying brass.