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17. May 2024

Jean-Michel Jarre Throws Slovakia’s Largest Stage Production at STARMUS Festival

On May 12, Jean-Michel Jarre and his guest, Sir Brian May, opened the seventh edition of the STARMUS Festival with “Bridge from the Future” in front of 100,000 spectators.

Jarre designed the entire stage setup himself, conceptualizing it as a score to the music. The production included elaborate choreographed light and laser shows, visible from three different countries, including Austria and Hungary. The stage featured two towers over 30 meters high, framing the UFO Bridge behind them, which was also highlighted with lights and lasers. Additionally, a 400-drone ballet was used, complementing the music along with fireworks.

Jarre was accompanied on stage by his band, including his long-time collaborator Claude Samard and British musician Adiescar Chase. Members of the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra and a 19-member choir from the Slovak Philharmonic Choir also joined them.

The concert repertoire included 19 musical works from Jean-Michel Jarre’s career, as well as a new arrangement of Antonín Dvořák’s works. This interpretation, developed by Jean-Michel Jarre and Sir Brian May, marked a historic, first-time collaboration between the two iconic musicians.

Sir Brian May said: “We are thrilled that STARMUS VII started with such a unique and spectacular show. Jean-Michel Jarre has set the tone for the spirit of this conference, which is specifically aimed at addressing the current issues of our planet.”

The concert was broadcast on Slovak TV channel RTVS, as well as globally through the EBU network and via a live stream on Jean-Michel Jarre’s YouTube channel. In Germany, RTL-NITRO aired the event and covered the preparations for the show in their regular programming.

Jean-Michel Jarre is a renowned composer, performer, producer, and cultural ambassador who has continually broken new ground with his music. Jarre’s current catalog, which now includes 22 studio albums, has sold over 85 million copies worldwide, earning him numerous awards and nominations. Throughout his career, Jarre has used some of the world’s most famous landmarks and UNESCO World Heritage Sites as canvases for his creative, cultural, and ecological messages.

Jean-Michel Jarre Throws Slovakia’s Largest Stage Production at STARMUS Festival