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16. May 2022

Kalush Orchestra win 66th Eurovision Song Contest

On May 14, KALUSH ORCHESTRA won the final of the Eurovision Song Contest live in Turin.

With an overwhelming performance of their song Stefania‘, which is actually about the love for one’s own mother, the Ukrainian band was able to win over all of Europe.

The song is a mixture of rap verses, folk chorus and hip-hop beats and stands for so much more than just music. It has become a mouthpiece for an entire nation:

“We are grateful for the participation in this unique singing competition and are incredibly happy about the victory and the support of all Europeans. Not only did we have the chance to prove our talent, but we were able to give a face to our homeland. This victory is not only for us, but for every Ukrainian. They all stood on stage together with us at this moment and gave us strength.”

With this year’s motto “The Sound of Beauty”, artists and performers from 25 different countries competed with each other. Each with the goal of being number one. In the end, Oleh Psiuk, Igor Didenchuk, MC CarpetMan, Tymofii Muzychuk and Vitaliy Duzhyk aka KALUSH ORCHESTRA prevailed at the PalaOlimpico.

This means already the third victory for Ukraine, which was able to participate for the first time ever in Riga in 2003. In 2016, Jamala last sang her way to the top of Europe with her song ‘1944’.

Even before the final, millions of streams and clicks have made ‘Stefania’ a huge success, so Columbia Germany is donating all net proceeds to humanitarian causes chosen by the band itself.