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Sony Music Germany launches Circle Studios at new Berlin head office
04. June 2021

Sony Music Germany launches Circle Studios at new Berlin head office

Sony Music Entertainment Germany announced today the opening of its Circle Studios at its headquarters in Berlin-Schöneberg. Spanning a total of 150m2, the Circle Studios includes four multifunctional studio spaces that offer artists and creatives more than just song recording. With a network of studios and creative hubs in over 20 cities worldwide, Sony Music Group’s mission is to support artists and their creative process and connect them with labels, writers and producers to promote stronger collaboration between artists and creatives.

First recordings at Circle Studios have already taken place recently with artists including Marteria, Vanessa Mai, Tokio Hotel, badchieff, Moses Pelham. In addition, the studios will also be made available to non-profit organizations and the local community will also have access to the studios, including Sony Music Germany’s social justice fund recipient, Turning Tables, which supports young Berlinersthrough songwriting and video production training.

“When we founded Circle Studios, our vision was to provide artists with access to a professional studio at any time, and thus a creative hub,” says Patrick Mushatsi-Kareba, CEO Sony Music Entertainment GSA. “The studios also benefit our label and content teams, who can now produce high-quality multimedia content for our artists on-site in a timely manner.”

Circle Studios includes four fully equipped rooms offering highly professional, polyvalent studio technology and all the ancillary services needed for artists to develop their creations:

Recording in the ‘Black Room’:

The heart of the Circle Studios is the “Black Room” control room, which, with a 24 channel SSL AWS mixing console, offers optimal control surface for writing sessions, voice recordings and extensive recording situations to the adjacent recording room, the “White Room”. This room is equipped with a Yamaha U3 piano, guitar and bass amplifiers for any band, song and ensemble recordings and even live concerts. The direct connection of two control rooms allows cross-room multimedia audio and video concepts to be realized.

Mixing and mastering in the ‘Red Room’:

In the second stereo and video control room, the “Red Room”, multifunctional video and stereo audio productions can be recorded, controlled and post-produced. The soundproofed editing room is ideal for writing sessions and video productions. A screen in the sound studio allows video feeds for voice-over recordings. Artists, voice-over artists and sound engineers are in contact between the two control rooms and communicate via a permanently installed microphone.

Image and video production in the ‘Green Room’:

An additional “Green Room” ensures limitless and customized possibilities for content production in all social content formats, photos, live streams, short videos or even GIFs for social media platforms with variable backdrops, remote-controllable PTZ cameras including lighting equipment.

Content and podcast production:

From live streams on social media platforms to exclusive acoustic sessions, or podcast productions, Sony Music’s experienced content team is here to support the artists with strategic expertise in all aspects of social media marketing, platform and content formats.

Sara Torchani, Creative Director Circle Studios: “Berlin needs places where inspiring encounters can take place and magical moments can happen. Especially at this time! I am mega proud that we have created such a place with Circle Studios – and I am happy that from now on some of the greatest artists of our time will fill it with life and their creativity.”

Samira Leitmannstetter, Vice President Bold Collective: “We strongly believe that creating custom and original content is an immensely important building block for all artists. With Circle Studios, our innovative ideas can be implemented even faster and more flexibly, and we are incredibly excited about the many new pieces of content we will produce with our artists and creators.”