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26. February 2024

Sony Music’s HUE hosts workshop for BIPoC youth

Sony Music’s employee group HUE GSA hosted a “Record Label 101” workshop for BIPoC youth as part of Black History Month. The aim was to give young adults an insight into the music industry and inform them about career opportunities within a record label.

HUE GSA (“Helping Unite Everyone”) has set itself the mission of creating a “safe space” for BIPoC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) employees within the Sony Music organization in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Founded for BIPoC employees and allies, with the aim of standing up for diversity through awareness.

The workshop took place during the “PROGRESS Educational Congress” on February 24th in Berlin. The congress was organized by Deschoolonize e.V. in cooperation with Black Future Week. The mission of Black Future Week is to create informative events to unite, inspire and empower the black community in Berlin.

Will McKinney-Raphelt, member of HUE GSA: “We were honored to support Deschoolonize and Black Future Week because their work is essential to empowering the next generation of BIPoC leaders and creatives. We are pleased to have been able to provide our knowledge and resources to advance this important mission.”

Sony Music’s HUE hosts workshop for BIPoC youth

Foto: Ian Lawrence (Black Future Week), Nicki Kariuki (HUE GSA), Peggy Adamu (HUE GSA), Tallulah Bar (Black Future Week), Will McKinney-Raphelt (HUE GSA), Ana Rungo (HUE GSA), Anaïs Dukunze (HUE GSA), Josef Adugna (HUE GSA), Alena Edwards (HUE GSA), Tithey Schulz (Vitamin Black)
Foto Credits: Ibra Wane